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“Rosemary & Thyme never fail to provide lovely tasty food whether its a coffee and a slice of cake, a buffet for a celebration/family event or a 3 course meal.”

Sue J

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Delicious Menus from Rosemary and Thyme – leading caterers in Berkshire

What really counts when it comes to caterers is whether they can produce a menu that makes your mouth water and then deliver locally sourced food which exceeds your expectations. As caterers in Berkshire for over 15 years, at Rosemary and Thyme we draw on all our experience and expertise to devise menus you and your guests will love.

To provide a feel for the kind of home style food we produce we have included four sample menus here:                

Each and every dish on our menus is tried and tested. As caterers in Berkshire, it won’t surprise you to know we love our food so we insist that everything we make is as tasty as possible. 

Want to create something unique to you or include a favourite food? That’s great too. We’d be delighted to put something together just for you. We’ve had the opportunity to create some amazing dishes for specialist events and functions already and we’d be very interested to hear your ideas.  If you want to discover more about what our customers say about us and our food read our testimonials.

Want to talk to Rosemary and Thyme caterers in Berkshire about your Menu?

Contact us today, we love talking about food!  Alternatively, read more about our services on our Business Catering and Function Catering pages.

Rosemary and Thyme caterer in Berkshire – creating menus you’ll love